Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Welcome to Doctor D's Domain!

Welcome to my Fall 2005 teaching blog! A "blog" (short for "weblog") is a frequently updated personal website where you can publish your writing for anyone to read: Instant Audience! Since I believe that writing for a live audience one of the things that distinguishes "wannabe writers" from real writers, blogging can be an excellent way to jump-start your writing. What would you write (and how would you write) if you knew that real live people would read that writing?

You can see some examples of last Fall's expository writing blogs here, here, here, and here. Last year, students were required to write two blog-posts per week: one on a topic (any topic!) of their choosing, and one on an assigned topic relating to their research project. This year, you will be posting one blog post per week on any topic you choose, and you'll be posting your research-related writing to the ENG 202 Blackboard course-site. So your blog will become your domain: a place to give your creative muscle a healthy workout.

If you're ever stuck and can't think of what to blog about, I've posted a link on the right to a website with Blog Ideas. Between this and your brain's natural creativity, I'm sure you'll find an unending supply of bloggable material.

Good luck, and enjoy!